Upgrade Options for VelaClock users

  • Download VelaClock Deluxe from the link above.
    - Try it for it for 15 days.
    - Upgrade for $6.00 on the back of the widget. Purchase instructions are on the "Shopping Cart and Checkout" page.
  • Download VelaClock from the link above.
    - It's a free update and will be registered after downloading.
    - If it "becomes" a demo version after downloading, it may be necessary to re-register it. In that case, please follow the registration instructions below.

VelaClock Deluxe

VelaClock Deluxe has all the features of VelaClock plus the following:

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New for VelaClock Deluxe!

Change Date pane
Click on the new Calendar icon to show or hide the Change Date pane.

The Change Date pane allows one to quickly go to any day in the past or future (from 1932 to 2020).


• Click the '+1' (increment day) button to determine sunrise, sunset and twilight times for days in the near future.
• Determine when the moon rises or sets. This is great for outdoor events or photography.
• Find the phase of the moon for your birthday.
• Go back in time to explore different time zones. For example, visit Hawaii in 1944 to see that it previously observed UTC-9.5. VelaClock has historically accurate Daylight Saving Time rules.




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New for VelaClock Deluxe!

User-Defined Places
To add a new place, launch a small utility application from the back of the widget to specify city, country, time zone and a latitude/longitude point.

Utility Application Screenshots:




Registration Instructions for standard and deluxe

  1. Download widget, if necessary.
  2. Run the widget.
  3. Click the "Purchase or Register" button on the back of the widget.
  4. Select "Enter Serial Number" and continue.
  5. Paste your serial number into the field.
  6. Complete the process.


• Visit After-Purchase Services to look up your serial number.

us if your email has changed or, for further assistance.

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System Requirements

Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.