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VelaTerra 1.4.3
Download (3.4 MB)

Fully functional demo for 21 days (purchase within the demo or below). Note: registered users can download this version to upgrade.

Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

Purchase ($19.95)

(applicable taxes will be added) Activation code can be used within 15 minutes.

VelaTerra 1.4.3 is a free update.

VelaTerra FAQ

VelaTerra™ is an interactive almanac and world clock that displays and compares local times, daylight hours, and moon info for time zones and cities throughout the world. It can be used to quickly determine a reasonable time for a phone call or meeting for multiple time zones.


VelaTerra 1.4 (or newer) is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9.

What's new in VelaTerra 1.4.3

  • Updated Daylight Saving Time rules for Chile and Morocco.

Release History

The Places window (below) displays places for the selected Source (left-hand column).

  • Find any local time by searching for country or city names.
  • Immediately see if a place is currently experiencing daylight, night, or twilight by glancing at the Daylight column which is centered on the local time.
  • Create place sets (at the bottom of the Source list) to group sets of frequently referenced places. Place sets are useful to quickly determine a reasonable time for a phone call or meeting.
  • Optionally show the Inspector drawer to display detailed information for the selected place.

Sources include UTC, Cities, User-Defined places and place sets.

Daylight bar column displays 24 hours of daylight, twilight, and night, which is centered on the local time.

Detailed information for the selected place.


The Clocks window displays clocks for a specific place set.

The center of each clock shows a colored dot to indicate the current light. For example, San Francisco, California shows an orange dot for civil twilight. Christchurch and Osaka show yellow dots for daylight. Paris shows a blue dot for astronomical twilight. Munich shows a cyan dot for nautical twilight. These colors correspond to the colors used in the Places window.

Immediately below the clock, the hours ahead or behind the Current Location are displayed. Since San Francisco is the current location, its clock shows "Local Time Zone" and the other clocks are relative to it. For example, Osaka is 16 hours ahead of San Francisco.


Inspectors and Info windows display detailed information about a place.

  • Inspector Drawer attached to the Places window for the selected place
  • Inspector window for the selected place or clock (select "Show Inspector" from the Info menu)
  • Info window (double-click on a place or clock)

Info window examples:

Munich, Germany

Rise/set times for sun, twilight and moon

sun/moon info

Antigua and Barbuda



Paris, France

Current moon info

moon info

Paris, France

Next four moon phases

next phases info

The VelaTerra icon in the Dock (on your desktop) shows the earth centered on the Current Location. The Current Location can be your home location or any other place you choose. Two small badges superimposed on the icon accurately show the current moon phase and type of light (day, night or twilight). Examples:

Berkeley, California

Waxing gibbous

at night

Caracas, Venezuela

First quarter

at civil twilight

Brisbane, Australia

Waning crescent

during the day

With VelaTerra, you can quickly answer the following questions.

  • What time is it in _____? Is it daylight, twilight, or night there?
  • When should you have a conference call with colleagues in two or more different time zones.
  • How many hours of daylight today? What time will the sun set? When does civil twilight end?
  • What is the phase of the moon for your birth date? Kids love this feature. (Be sure to select the correct time zone).
  • What is the name of the current moon phase? When will the next New Moon occur?
  • What does the moon phase for your current location look like? (Always viewable in your Dock.)
  • What date and time will the next full moon occur in Italy? What is direction and altitude of that full moon?
  • What date and time will the Autumnal Equinox occur this year for your time zone?
  • What is the time difference between Paris and Tokyo?
  • What does the flag for a particular country look like? (Flags for every country in the world are available.)