VelaClock: What people are saying.

VelaClock is a Dashboard widget for Mac OS X

“Absolutely the most intuitive (of the complex) widgets that I have seen. Flawless operation, and a lot of information in a very compact, but readable form. A great job by the designers. My congratulations to you all.”
Max Padon
President, Virginia Macintosh Users Group
Arlington, Virginia
“Times displayed for Perth and all other locations are now correct. Can I say thank you for the support you've given me. I wish all software developers were as passionate about their product as you are.”
Chris Parker
Perth, Western Australia
“I hope everyone who owns a Mac buys VelaClock from you guys; it rocks! I use it several times a day, so many features.”
Jerry McGregor
Kamuela, Hawaii
“In this world of horrible customer service, especially with software, your response and service is exceptional. My work takes me to Europe, South Africa, India and China and your clock widget helps me organize conference calls in different time zones. It is a great business tool.”
Bill Watkins
Miami, Florida
“I LOVE this widget! Keeping track of the daylight and moonlight passages, knowing at a glance what UTC is for important celestial movements, all these are important for me and this little tool does it all.”
Nick Aalders
Lightning Ridge, NSW
“My business has me communicating with people all over the world, all day long. One glance at VelaClock, I know exactly what time it is any where in the world. For me, VelaClock is the most functional widget available. Once again, thank you.”
Stewart Klevan
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
“I want you to know VelaClock is by far my most favorite and most widely used of all my widgets. What a bargain!”
Bob Greene
Santa Fe, New Mexico
“This latest version of VelaClock (1.5.1) continues your wonderfully simple, clean and functional design philosophy. I admire the clarity of vision and understanding of user needs. Nice work and thanks.”
Andrew Davidson
Seattle, Washington
“I was only halfway through my free trial period when I decided to purchase this little wonder. VelaClock has replaced a number of other widgets and is so easy to use and read. It is rare to see such thought and clarity of thinking in such things these days. Thank you so much.”
Kenneth Archer
London, England
“I love VelaClock! It is such a cool widget and at one glance I know the exact time of the cities before picking up my phone to call my friends and business contacts around the world. Well done!”
Kevin Pan
Tokyo, Japan
“Thanks for another super update! Rarely a day goes by that we don't need VelaClock to help us intelligently keep in touch with our friends and relatives in Belgium, Canada, Austria, New Zealand, Slovenia, and China. Well worth the cost. Thanks!”
David & Lola Daniels
Green Bay, Wisconsin
“Thank you for VelaClock. I am so glad to be able to see the phases of the moon from a local point-of-view. It is simple to understand and very well designed.”
David Moran
Perth, Australia
“Thanks for a great widget. It's very handy and I was very happy to pay for it. Thanks!”
Jason Myatt
Toowoomba, Australia
“Awesome product! I sail a considerable amount, bluewater cruising, and it is nice to have a tool that can tell me the time no matter where I am in the world. I can use both VelaClock and VelaTerra for navigational purposes when making chart plots, no need to ever calculate the time.”
Bruce Carter
Plano, Texas
“I like VelaClock more all the time. It's really quite perfect for what I need.”
Paul Tratnyek
Portland, Oregon
“As a trader of international securities, VelaClock is very useful for me. I list about 20 cities in order of time zone. I begin with Wellington at the top (closest to the international date line), then follow with Tokyo, and list down to Honolulu at the bottom. With one click to display Dashboard, I can see what the local time is in each international city and whether I can still do a trade at that city at that time. Very convenient for me.”
James L.
Bedford, New York
“Thanks for an elegant and helpful widget. Very easy to set up and customise. The current light or night indication for a location is a nice touch. Good value for money.”
Michael Dawson
North Stradbroke Island
Queensland, Australia
“Great product. It has a wonderfully clean and easy to use look. I love the information on the moon. Thanks for working on widgets.”
Carol Watkins
Memphis, Tennessee
“I like VelaClock very much. It is especially nice to have it as a self-contained app (no Internet connection required), since I do use a laptop.”
May H.
Dallas, Wisconsin
“I am into astronomy, particularly astrophotography of the moon. VelaClock is perfect for my needs. Now I can easily and quickly check the moon phase when I get home from work to see if it is worth pulling out the telescope.”
Mark Mathosian
Naples, Florida
“You've got a great product and I was happy to pay for it!”
Elliott Mitchell
Nashville, Tennessee
“Your widget is great, mostly compared to the other clocks I was using on my Powerbook, many thanks!”
Arnaud Rodrigue
Haifa, Israel
“Really, really cool and useful product! Great stuff. Thanks for the great widget.”
John D.
Minden, Nevada
“I emailed you a month or so ago to add Malabo, Equatorial Guinea to your VelaClock widget and in the first up-date there it is - thanks!   Cool Widget...”
Nick W.
Houston, Texas
“Thanks for a cool widget!”
Brandt Barretto
Raleigh, North Carolina


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