VelaTerra FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

VelaTerra is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.
VelaTerra requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer.

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  • How much does VelaTerra cost?
    1. $19.95
  • How do I purchase VelaTerra?
    1. The easiest way to purchase VelaTerra is to make your Purchase within the application. To do this, you will first need to download, install and run the application.
      You may also purchase VelaTerra from our Web Store.
  • Product Activation. What is it and why does VelaTerra use it?
    1. Product Activation is a technology that helps prevent unauthorized copying of the software (i.e. software piracy). VelaTerra uses Product Activation to reduce piracy; Over time, reduced piracy will help ensure that we can continue to develop affordable high-quality software.
  • I have a desktop and a laptop machine; can I use VelaTerra on both machines?
    1. Yes. To install and register VelaTerra on your second machine, follow the instructions under Registration (below).


  • How do I re-order the clocks in the Clocks window?
    1. 1. Open the Places window.
      2. In the Source column, select the Place Set active in the Clocks window.
      3. In the place list, click on the column header of the leftmost column (the number column).
      4. Make sure that the rows are sorted in descending order (the arrow in the column header will be pointing upwards).
      5. Select and drag place rows to the order that you would like. This order will be reflected in the Clocks window.
  • How do I create or modify Place Sets, change the time to the past or the future, and learn more about using VelaTerra?
    1. Select 'VelaTerra Help' from the Help menu. See the 'Common Uses' section.

Registration and Installation

  • I just purchased VelaTerra from your Web Store. How do I register it?
  • Or, I how do I install VelaTerra on second machine?
    1. - Download and run the application:
      - Select the "Registration..." menu item from the VelaTerra menu.
      - Enter your serial number and click the OK button.