Vela Design Group releases VelaTerra 1.1 for Mac OS X

November 1, 2005, Berkeley, California - Vela Design Group announces VelaTerra 1.1. This is a free update for current VelaTerra customers. VelaTerra is a world clock that is much more than a clock! Besides showing local times, VelaTerra displays the current level of natural light (bright daylight, three levels of twilight, and night), moon information, and the national flag. Users can choose from almost 500 cities in over 200 countries. Users may also define and add cities of their own choosing.


The daylight bar in the Places window displays 24 hours of natural light (bright daylight, three levels of twilight, and night) centered on the current time. The white bar indicates when the moon is visible.

VelaTerra is able to graphically display sun and moon rise and set times, three kinds of twilight, and detailed moon information (phase, tilt angle, position in the sky). The graphical displays of this information are very user configurable and allow easy visual comparisons between different cities. Users immediately gain a better sense of time and daylight hours for cities both faraway and nearby. The moon image in VelaTerra accurately displays the tilt angle of the moon's crescent. Because this angle can change dramatically within the span of an hour, it is updated once a minute.

Inspectors and Info windows display detailed information about a place.
Two examples are shown below.

iBerlinSun.png iSydneyMoon.png

Using VelaTerra, you can:
- Rapidly find any local time in the world by searching for country or city names
- Enter custom locations with latitude, longitude and time zone
- Obtain information for dates in the past or future
- Create place sets to group sets of frequently referenced places
- Display and compare the current light (day, twilight, or night) for different places
- See the current moon phase in your Dock at all times
- Browse flags for all countries in world

New for VelaTerra 1.1:
- Added hundreds of cities, including expanded coverage of U.S. cities.
- Added 'UTC (Greenwich)' item. UTC is formerly known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
- Corrected orientation of moon image for infrequent special cases.
- Fixed problem related to saving place sets and custom places.
- Able to automatically check for software updates.

VelaTerra was designed specifically for Mac users and was built using the Apple Xcode toolset. VelaTerra runs on Mac OS X, version 10.2 and newer.

The VelaClock Dashboard widget, a separate product, makes an excellent companion product to VelaTerra. The VelaClock widget provides much of the same information as VelaTerra, but within the confines of the Dashboard environment. VelaClock runs on Mac OS X, version 10.4 and newer.

VelaTerra is priced at $19.95. During the purchase, VelaClock can be added to the order for only an additional $4.95. Both are available now directly from the Vela Design Group website, at