Vela Design Group releases VelaTerra 1.0.1 for Mac OS X

November 5, 2004, Berkeley, California - Vela Design Group announces VelaTerra 1.0.1. This is a free update for existing customers. VelaTerra is an interactive almanac and world clock that displays and compares local times, daylight hours, and moon information for time zones and cities throughout the world.

This update provides support for Cuba's new time policy, effective after October 2004. Fidel Castro recently announced that summer Daylight Saving Time will be extended until October 2005. Cf., Version 1.0.1 also corrects an issue related to evaluation functionality.

Vela Design Group intends for VelaTerra to be the most reliable and up-to-date World Clock available for Mac OS X.

"VelaTerra's ability to provide up-to-date time zone information sets it apart from the competition," says Chuck Soper, CEO of Vela Design Group. "Our customers have come to depend on VelaTerra as a valuable and reliable timepiece."

Using VelaTerra, you can:

    - Rapidly find any local time in the world by searching for country or city names
    - Displays and compare the current light (day, twilight, or night) for different places
    - Create place sets to group sets of frequently referenced places
    - Use place sets to quickly determine a reasonable time for a phone call or meeting
    - See the current moon phase in your Dock at all times
    - Browse flags for all countries in world and much more...

VelaTerra was designed specifically for Mac users and was built using the Apple Xcode toolset.   VelaTerra runs on Mac OS X, version 10.2 and newer.

VelaTerra is priced at $22.95 and is available now directly from the Vela Design Group website, at