This Autumnal Equinox, Give Your Traveler A VelaClock…For Free

iPhone App Shows You When the Sun Goes Down and the Moon Comes Up Wherever You Are (on Earth).

September 23, 2011 (Berkeley, CA) – For quick and visually simple access to sunrise, sunset, twilight, and moon phase times for 500 cities throughout the world, check out an updated iPhone app called VelaClock™. Designed for the traveler, the photographer, the amateur astronomer, and anyone who spends time outdoors, VelaClock quickly displays the times for sunrise, sunset, and three shades of twilights (civil, nautical, and astronomical), as well as moon phase and tilt and much more. Today only, on the autumnal equinox, all versions of VelaClock can be downloaded for free in the App Store. The VelaClock normally sells for $3.99.

VelaClock – which requires iOS 4 and works on iPhone and iPod touch – offers a special feature that allows users to coordinate a meeting time for people in different time zones and then send emails to those participants announcing the time and date for the meeting in all locations. The app comes with 500 cities preprogrammed and users can add custom locations by entering a name and latitude/longitude point. In addition, the app runs without a connection to the Internet.

Known for its attention to design, VelaClock allows users to set the coordinates of the home city to the same as their current location with the touch of a button. Cities are selected by just entering the first few characters, and the app finds them fast. Cities can be sorted by local time, name, or by dragging the names into a custom list. Detail panes include information on time remaining until sunset, as well as the azimuth of sunrise and sunset…a feature that could prove to be handy for filmmakers and videographers.

Reviewer Mike Schramm in the March 11, 2011 TUAW’s Daily App says, “the interface…is packed with more information than you’d ever need to know at any one time. Not only do you get the date and time, but you also get day length, countdown to sunrise and sunset, and even the timing for dusk and down for all of those locations, all relayed in a visually simple and intuitive way.”

About the Vela Design Group

The Vela Design Group was founded by developer Chuck Soper and is based in Berkeley, California. For more information, see For more information, contact Sylvia Paull, publicist, at

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