Vela Design Group releases VelaClock Classic 2.1 for iPhone and iPod touch

Berkeley, California - March 1, 2011 - Vela Design Group announces VelaClock Classic 2.1 for iPhone and iPod touch.

VelaClock Classic 2.1 (VelaClock1 in App Store) is a world clock with detailed sun/moon info. It offers a single screen design, which provides a lot of information at glance with minimal interaction with the iphone. VelaClock Classic is invaluable to users who travel or communicate with friends and colleagues around the world. Its feature set makes it especially popular among photographers. Users can quickly display the time of sunrise, sunset and three kinds of twilight, moon phase and tilt, and daylight duration. The user can also set the time and date for any time in the past and future. This is useful for planning travel, outdoor activities and photo shoots.

VelaClock 1.3 [now VelaClock Classic] was reviewed by John Martellaro of iPod Observer and received a rating of "Outstanding." He said that "the US$3.99 investment is worthwhile."
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VelaClock Classic is the original version of VelaClock. It first appeared in the App Store on July 11, 2008, the day that the App Store opened. On that day, only 500 apps were in the App Store and we were honored to be there! Some users prefer VelaClock Classic over the recently released new VelaClock app.

What's new for VelaClock Classic 2.1

  • Added a high quality photographic image of the moon accurately depicting the moon's phase and tilt.
  • Rolled back user interface to original version. (More information about this is available in our velaclock-update blog post.)

VelaClock Classic divides the screen into two panes, the upper pane contains a scrollable list of basic information about user-selected cities and the lower pane contains sun/moon details for the selected city. For each row in the city list there's a horizontal "light bar" which visually depicts the current 24 hours of light: daylight, three kinds of twilight, and night. A thin white bar shows when the moon is visible. The scrollable list of city rows, each with a light bar, allows for easy visual comparison of what the day will be like in the cities the user is tracking. The lower pane contains a detail area with one of three different panels of information. A quick swipe of the finger will alternate between the three panels.

Detail Panel descriptions:

  1. First panel shows:
    • Countdown to the next sunrise or sunset and next moonrise or moonset.
    • Time of the next sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset.
    • Name of the current moon phase.
    • An image of the moon as seen in the sky above the currently selected city. This image accurately depicts the moon's phase, and the angle at which the moon's crescent appears to be rotated from the vertical. Because this angle can change rapidly, it is updated once a minute.
    • Time to the next moon phase (new, quarter, full).

  2. Second panel shows, for current day:
    • Time of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and three kinds of twilight (civil, nautical, astronomical) for both dawn and dusk.
    • Azimuth of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. Azimuth (compass direction) is specified in degrees, 0 to 360, clockwise from North.
    • Daylight duration in hours and minutes. Change in minutes of daylight from the previous day.

  3. Third panel shows:
    • Dates, times and images of the next four moon phases.

Up to 50 cities may be added from a selection of over 500 built-in cities, the current location, or custom locations (by specifying country, time zone and latitude/longitude point).

Pricing and Availability

VelaClock Classic 2.1 is priced at $3.99 and is available exclusively from Apple's App Store. VelaClock requires iOS 3.0 or newer, and works with iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and iPod touch. VelaClock does not require a network connection to function.

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