Vela Design Group releases VelaClock 1.3 for Mac OS X "Tiger"

Berkeley, California - October 5, 2005 - Vela Design Group announces VelaClock 1.3, a Dashboard widget. This is a free update for current VelaClock customers.

Shortly after VelaClock 1.2 was released it was a Featured Download on Apple's Mac OS X Downloads page. It also made Apple's Top 50 widgets page for more than a week. As a result, thousands of Mac users have tried out the demo version of VelaClock.

To reach a wider audience we are offering special pricing of only $4.95 until November 1, 2005. The normal price is $9.95. VelaClock is available from two places: the Apple Dashboard widgets website, at or the Vela Design Group website, at

New for VelaClock 1.3:
- Added a bar that displays when the moon is visible, for the selected city.
- Increased height of light level bar to make room for moon visibility bar as well as improve overall readability.
- Added checkbox to toggle between 12 and 24-hour time formats.
- Added Help text to the back of widget.
- Allow city menu on back of widget to group cities by country or state.
- Added a few user requested cities.

VelaClock - Complete Description:
VelaClock is a world clock Dashboard widget that is much more than a clock! Besides the local time in 12 or 24 hour format, VelaClock displays the current level of natural light (daylight, three levels of twilight, or night), an image of the moon, and the national flag. Basic data can be displayed for up to twenty-four cities simultaneously. Users can choose from almost 500 cities in over 200 countries.

VelaClock is a unique widget in that it is completely self-contained. Many widgets are light weight front-ends to web services; such widgets require an internet connection. By contrast, VelaClock is designed to function without an internet connection, and so is particularly useful for laptop users away from their home or office. Astronomical calculations are performed by an internal code module.

The lower pane in VelaClock displays detailed information about the currently selected city. There are three different views, accessible through tabs:

  1. A bar that gives the user a picture of the 24 hours of natural light (bright daylight, civil twilight, nautical twilight, astronomical twilight and night) for the current day. The duration of daylight is specified in hours and minutes.
  2. An image of the moon as seen in the sky above the currently selected city. This image accurately depicts the angle of the moon's crescent. Because this angle can change dramatically within the span of an hour, it is updated once a minute, as is the moon's phase. This view also contains the name of the current phase, as well as local times for the next and previous phase events (new, quarter, full).
  3. An analog clock and time zone information. The relative time shows the number of hours the selected city is ahead or behind the current time zone, as set in System Preferences.

The Dashboard feature in Apple's Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger", offers users a collection of widgets giving them immediate access to information like stock quotes, weather forecasts, airline flight tracking, unit of measure, currency conversions and a phone book. More information is available from Apple's web site:

VelaClock was designed specifically for Tiger users and was built using the Apple Xcode toolset. VelaClock requires Mac OS X "Tiger" version 10.4 or newer.

Until November 1, 2005 VelaClock will be priced at $4.95. The normal price is $9.95. VelaClock is available now directly from the Vela Design Group website, at